Abstract take on Christmas tree makes quirky gift box design

The gift box uses fluorescent green and oval shapes, which form an abstract shape of a Christmas tree.

Designers can influence how people perceive a product through the choice of shape. 💡

The Christmas-themed gift box design for lifestyle brand Pinpoint aims to create a sense of immersive unboxing and healing moment in line with the brand’s philosophy. The brand’s iconic shape is the circular “point”.

The design incorporates a compressed version of the point to create oval shapes that form the basis of the giftbox. The oval shapes form an abstract shape of a Christmas tree. The abstract design is made out of soft sponge material and the brand’s choice of fluorescent green is eye-catching. At the same time, to enhance customers’ interactive experience, the packaging has a playful bubble symbol that reflects the lambswool pouch that is part of the gifbox. 🧽

We think this design adds a modern element to Christmas packaging in the beauty market. 💚

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