ASDA hires Buddy the Elf for this year’s festive ad

Asda "hired" Buddy the Elf as a new employee in this year's Christmas campaign

The heartwarming and quirky Buddy the Elf has been with us every Christmas since the film’s release in 2003. 🧝

British retailer Asda “hired” Buddy the Elf as a new employee in this year’s Christmas campaign. The film was created by Havas UK and is the first time the Elf has been licensed for brand marketing.

The film features original Elf footage, lines, and actions. It opens with a tribute to Elf’s iconic “street crossing” scene – although this time Buddy runs into an Asda shopping cart instead. In each scene, the special new colleague Buddy interacts seamlessly with Asda employees using footage from the film – causing chaos along the way. 🛒

We think the special effects of Elf for this campaign are spot on! And love how it creates a Hollywood atmosphere for Asda supermarket! 💚

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