Quirky and fun soda inspired by a Thanksgiving dish

True innovation comes from the unexpected. πŸ’‘

To put a twist on your traditional Thanksgiving meal, Aura Bora took the “worst” Thanksgiving side dish and turned it into a quirky and fun sparkling water flavor. A green bean casserole that has a “sweet, sage, and buttery flavor”.

The packaging uses a bright and bold system. The design is dominated by green and the playful illustrations echo the quirky flavors – sweet green beans raining from the sky, and sage leaves peeking through. We love that their website echos the eye-catching illustrations of their range. πŸŒΏπŸ‘€

We think this fresh and fun packaging design makes this quirky flavor more appealing. These will be a conversation starter at Thanksgiving dinners. πŸ’š

Read more: https://buff.ly/3EBHOWC