Flash Fuel sparks interest with retro design for adventurers

Creating an emotional connection with a brand sparks consumer interest. 🔥

With a love for adventure and the outdoors, two former forest firefighters founded Calgary Heritage Roasting Company. Their instant coffee, called Flash Fuel, embodies the feeling of vintage in a modern and adventurous way.

The packaging, designed by We Are Trill, was inspired by a matchbox. And the orange and off-white color palette finds inspiration from a vintage coffee filter. The match bean pattern and retro typography help push instant coffee from its taboo flavor image to a thrill-seeking lifestyle. 🧨

To ensure that Flash Fuel also appeals to the modern coffee drinker, the packaging uses typography to differentiate between classic and modern. It uses a subtle serif typeface that exudes a nostalgic feel without looking dated.

We think the package perfectly balances the intersection of past and present design aesthetics. And coffee drinkers will love how the brand kick-starts their day.

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