Disruptive packaging brings frozen food brand to life

The octopuses, as if they were an ice-cream item, are presented in tubs.

El Hombre Bacalao turns your expectations of frozen fish packaging upside down. 🙃

Designed by MABA, this range of frozen fish products has reinterpreted the frozen market with its vivid and easily identifiable design.

The packaging brings to life each variant with design that is injected with color and texture. Highly detailed fish illustrations paired with oversized eyes create a whimsical approach and transform the product into a lively and fun presence. The octopus packaging is in the shape of ice cream tubs with eyes that transform the product into a fun-filled being. 🐟

We think El Hombre Bacalao injects dynamic fun into the brand, which topples the notion that frozen fish is boring or unappetizing – and creates a memorable and engaging brand identity. 💚

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