The unique 3D wine design reflects a philosophy of life

Each of the three white bottles have an openable door, and the doors are blue, red and yellow.

Freedom to create without limits often results in groundbreaking design. 💡

Award-winning creative agency Backbone Branding brought an unprecedented design to a new wine brand they have called Aperta. They dug deep into the brand’s values and integrated the story of the three vintages to create a unique design for each variant – rose, white and red wine.

Each design mirrors the varied paths of human life from young to old – changing and maturing.
Doors, staircases, and passages reflect different paths of life. Just like wine. Aperta means “to open”. So the doors can be opened, revealing the story of the different vintages.

We think this design project shows creativity and imagination without limits. The unique packaging concept echoes the growing trend of premium packaging. 💚

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