Interactive billboard prompts people to pick healthy snacks

KIND's "Grab and Go" billboard has varieties of fruits and KIND cereal bars hanging from the "tree".

There is nothing more engaging than an interactive billboard. 😍

KIND launched a campaign called “Grab and Go” with an interactive billboard outside London’s King’s Cross station, a mecca for Harry Potter fans. The campaign simply encouraged British citizens to eat the recommended amount of fruits and, vegetables, as well as nuts – which are not often recognized for their nutritional value.

The billboard was four meters long and three meters high, with more than 500 varieties of freshly picked fruits and KIND cereal bars hanging from the “tree”. The vibrant green billboard simulates an orchard – where passersby and commuters could grab a nutritious snack for free. 🥗

We think the billboard cleverly communicated that nuts and vegetables are on par in terms of nutritional value. At the same time, it effectively way encouraged Londoners to be mindful of healthy eating. 💚

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