#SawThisMadeThis campaign captures creative inspiration

Everyone is naturally creative, you just need to find the medium capture it.💡

Bombay Sapphire Distillery has partnered with world-renowned film director Baz Luhrmann to launch their latest campaign to stir creativity. The “Saw This, Made This” campaign aims to inspire people to look for creativity in their everyday lives and invites audiences to share these using the hashtag #SawThisMadeThis.

The supporting video campaign is outstanding. It was inspired by the short story “The Aleph” by Jorge Luis Borges and was produced by award-winning director Juan Cabral and creative agency AMV BBDO. In the film, we see how ordinary objects, such as glass, shadows, or mirrors, can become a unique artwork when viewed from a different perspective.✨

We think this campaign is as beautiful as it is immersive. And it perfectly reflects the message of Bombay Sapphire’s campaign. 💚

Read more: https://buff.ly/3umNC1B