A historic typeface reference book goes viral on TikTok

In today’s digital world, you have the opportunity to capture your audience’s interest in a matter of seconds – and go viral. 📹

Recently, this typeface reference book went viral on TikTok. Why you ask? The odd-looking, but functional shape of the book. In the video posted by Letterform Archive, Stephen Coles shows the audience how the printer reference publication was conceptualized, designed, and published – in 1955.

The clever design of the cover converts to an easel – meaning you can easily and comfortably access the pages you need! The inventor of this ingenious easel was Glenn C. Henry, who is thought to have spent five months developing the idea, five years applying for a patent, and six years learning how to make it himself. 😲

We think the design is simply beautiful and clever. Viewers are in love too, and are already suggesting other applications, such as cookbooks! 💚

Read more: https://buff.ly/3gRLFXQ