Final location of Champions League lit up as Heineken bottle

3D model lights up Champions League's final location in Heineken ad

Did you know that 37 percent of soccer fans worldwide are female? 🤔

Heineken signed a multi-year sponsorship with the UEFA Women’s Champions League and UEFA Women’s Europa League in 2021 to target this audience previously ignored with a campaign called “Cheers To All Fans”. The campaign aims to celebrate female soccer fans and to correct gender bias among fans and players of the sport.

To highlight the final location of the Champions League, Platinum FMD created a 3D model of the area around the stadium, which lights up in the shape of a Heineken bottle. The stadium itself is the label and the chosen streets create the outline of the bottle. ⚽

We think this 3D project is impressive, and love that it was used to thank all fans for their support throughout the competition. 💚

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