Trick or Trash bag to reduce packaging waste at Halloween

The Halloween Trick or Trash bag developed by Mars and Rubicon.

Did you know that Halloween celebrations generate approximately 2,000 tons of plastic waste annually? 😮

To meet consumer excitement for Halloween AND minimize wrapping paper waste, candy giant Mars has partnered with Rubicon, a leading provider of waste recycling solutions, to develop recyclable “trick-or-treat” bags. The campaign also expands Rubicon’s existing Trick or Trash™ campaign, giving Halloween enthusiasts a fun, easy, and free way to get rid of their trash.

The Trick or Trash bags come with a pre-paid stamp and simple three-step instructions on how to return the bags for proper recycling. When consumers return the bags, all of the packaging is fully recycled. The bags use the blue color of the Mars logo and are covered with Mars’ most iconic candy illustrations and Halloween elements.🍬 🎃

We think Mars’ new Halloween campaign emphasizes the company’s commitment to sustainability whilst continuing to drive a key occasion for the candy giant. ♻️