Clever marketing campaign to combat malnutrition in the UK

Large malnutrition labels printed with "nutrition ink". And it stated that this label contains more vitamins than junk food.

Did you know that about 3 million people in the UK are malnourished? 😵

Dole Sunshine Company has partnered with Bompas & Parr Studio Ltd, a leading specialist in multi-sensory experience design, to raise awareness of this issue. The goal is to promote better food choices for a healthier lifestyle.

The campaign is focused on a range of ‘nutrition inks’ made from fruit and natural ingredients. It includes a video that shows the poster-sized malnutrition labels printed using the ink. The posters are then placed in OOH locations near vending machines and fast food outlets to raise awareness about the nutritional value of food choices. We love the key message of the posters which clearly states that the ink used to print them contains more vitamins than their choice of junk food. 🍍🍇

As part of the campaign, Dole Sunshine also donated products to FareShare, the UK’s largest charity fighting food waste and hunger.

We think this campaign is an innovative way to reflect on the issue of malnutrition and effectively encourage consumers to make healthier food choices. This one is sure to go viral 💚

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