Levi’s 501s new campaign: timeless and sustainable

Levi's launched a global campaign called "Buy Better, Wear Longer"

The most powerful brands become symbols across generations. And even set global trends🔥

Levi’s most iconic 501 jeans were created 149 years ago and their legendary design changed everything. With its unique five-pockets, straight fit, and button fly, it has become a symbol for breaking rules and wearing what you like. 👖

To tell the story of how Levi’s 501s have remained fashionable across generations and highlight the strength of their design and therefore sustainability, Levi’s launched a global campaign called “Buy Better, Wear Longer”. The campaign reel shows how the same pair of 501 jeans is adapted to the style of the 1960s to the present day. With the quality remaining the same. Meaning you can wear them for decades and they will never go out of style. 🤳

With this campaign, Levi’s is calling on Gen Z to join its mission to make the garment manufacturing process more sustainable by buying quality garments that last. At the same time, Levi’s is committed to investing in materials that require less water to reset a more sustainable supply chain. 💚

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