Argos digital campaign says ‘Baubles to last year!’

Christmas campaign by Argos is jubilant

We think the Christmas campaign by @Argos is jubilant!

With a barrage of festive cheer, a 60-second advert kicks off a multi-media Christmas campaign. The commercial is filled with energy from an office worker emblazoned in over-the-top holiday decorations to a woman blow-torching her Christmas pudding. We love the elements of retro, complete with kids circling toys in the Argos catalog and urging us to ‘go big’ this Christmas.

The digital implementation uses short, platform-specific edits of the ad; sees partnerships with influencers to evoke the real spirit of Christmas; implements data-driven creative to help customers find the products they are searching for.

But it wins our vote mainly for the best campaign strapline – ‘Baubles to last year!’

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