Ford’s road safety emoji jacket campaign goes viral

Ford's road safety emoji jacket campaign goes viral

We think that Ford’s ‘Emoji Jacket’ designed to allow cyclists to communicate with drivers is brilliant 🌟

The jacket designed for Ford Europe’s Share The Road campaign stood out at the recent The Drum Awards too, winning the ‘Automotive and transport’ category for PR 2021. With the campaign generating 648 media stories across the world, creating an organic social reach of 40.9m, the award comes as no surprise.

Insight showed that the lack of common language leads to near misses and accidents on roads across Europe daily. With the intention to improve communication between cyclists and drivers, the jacket has a light-up back that can display emotions and intentions. There are three different types of emoji, a hazard sign and arrows for indicating left and right. Cyclists can change the emojis using a wireless remote on their handlebars.

What emojis would you use? 🤔

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