Toblerone embraces new look to meet Swiss standards

Toblerone's iconic Matterhorn logo of its packaging.

Attention, all chocolate lovers! 🍫 📣

Toblerone is making a bold move by removing the iconic Matterhorn logo from its packaging.

Why, you ask? The change is driven by brand compliance. Toblerone production is moving outside of Switzerland for the first time in the brand’s history due to growing demand worldwide. And under Swiss law, only milk-based products made entirely in Switzerland can use national symbols in their marketing. So, one of Toblerone’s most iconic brand elements will be replaced with a “generic mountain” on all packaging. Even the hidden heraldic bear, the symbol of Bern, will disappear. 🗻

Toblerone’s new packaging design will retain its distinctive typeface as well as pay homage to the brand’s roots with the inclusion of the signature of Toblerone’s founder, Theodor Tobler. So this move is not expected to hurt their brand image significantly.

We can’t wait to see what the new packaging will look like. Stay tuned! 👀

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