Kabuki’s packaging showcases the beauty of Asian tradition

Illustrations of Kabuki performers are printed on flour packaging

A clever way to create an emotional connection with consumers in packaging design is by using culture as a foundation. 💕

Kabuki is a traditional Japanese theater style that includes music, dance, and drama. Makeup is one of the most important aspects of Kabuki – performers cover their entire faces with a thick layer of white powder foundation to create a dramatic effect.

Kabuki flour was inspired by this unique Asian tradition of beauty, and the white makeup powder is similar to the flour used in cooking.

Kabuki flour is packaged in environmentally friendly materials. A print illustration of Kabuki performers in makeup serves as the visual centerpiece. The hair of the Kabuki performer is woven into the opening of the package – when you open the package, their hair literally spreads out. ✨

What’s more, the traditional hair clip is used to indicate the type of flour, showing the composition of the flour. And the shape of the logo comes from the traditional forehead markings in ancient Asian makeup.

We think this packaging shows the beauty of Japanese Kabuki, and every detail is eye-catching. 💚

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