Sweet collab for a more ethical future of cocoa production

Brand collaborations of Ben & Jerry's, and chocolate maker, Tony's Chocolonely.

The best brand collaborations are those where values align 💞

So when ice cream brand, Ben & Jerry’s, and chocolate maker, Tony’s Chocolonely, both known for their passion for social justice, announced their collaboration we thought it was a perfect match.

They share a commitment to end child labor and slavery in the chocolate industry by using sustainably sourced cocoa beans. Their partnership will include flavor collaborations and Ben & Jerry’s adoption of Tony’s Chocolonely’s sourcing principles and practices.

Both brands will launch sweet collaboration treats. Tony Chocoloney is dropping 2 chocolate bars under the name ‘Chocolate Love A-Fair’. The bars take inspiration from Ben & Jerry’s classic strawberry cheesecake and chocolate fudge brownie flavors. The packaging design uses Ben & Jerry’s classic farm illustrations as a background but retains Tony’s Chocolonely’s core branding elements. What’s more, the packaging features a 100% slave-free label. 🍫

Ben & Jerry’s collaboration treat is based on Tony Chocolonely’s popular caramel sea salt bar. The ‘Chocolatey Love A-Fair’ design includes Tony’s Chocolonely’s co-branding and Tony Open Chain’s 100% slave-free label.

The brands are blended beautifully in the designs. But more importantly, this collaboration is a step toward a more ethical future for cocoa production. 💚

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