Iceland‘s new travel campaign lets horses handle your work emails

Inspired by Iceland has launched the "OutHorse Your Email" campaign

Have you ever been distracted by work during a vacation 😪?

Iceland has found a way for you to enjoy your vacation undisturbed: let a horse handle your emails.

“OutHorse Your Email” is a new travel campaign by Inspired by Iceland. It allows visitors to relax and immerse themselves in the breathtaking scenery while letting three highly trained and talented horses respond to your work emails🐴.

These horses perform this technological feat by walking around on large custom keyboard pads. Each horse has its own unique writing style, and you can choose one of the three horses to reply to your boss for you.

Your email reply might be a “wFwhxsqjnzgmsrqaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” message. You can now relax on vacation because your boss will never know the difference between an email reply😂.

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