10 design trends to watch out for in 2022

10 design trends to watch out for in 2022

Wondering what design trends will be big in 2022? Discover 1️⃣0️⃣ trends and ideas we expect to see more of in the year ahead.

Trend #1

The first of which looks to the past – the 90s. A decade filled with fun, complicated and experimental design. And that is what people are seeking right now. Design that brings joy and is bedded in the nostalgia of good times past 🤪.

So look out for layers, gradients and shapes, and funky typography.

Trend #1:the 90s

Trend #2

Trend tip #2 for the year ahead: All-inclusive design is the norm ✅.

Not really a trend, as inclusivity is here to stay. Still, it feels right to recognize the increase in designs that celebrate all people and consider everyone. Most importantly, inclusivity needs to be incorporated into the brand message, product development, and packaging from the start.

Inclusivity considers all genders, sexual orientations, races, ages, and abilities. And we are excited to see how design in 2022 will help them feel safe and seen 💚.

Trend #2: All-inclusive design is the norm

Trend #3

Trend tip #3 for the year ahead: Branding designs are flat – for now… 👀

Major redesigns of 2021 and new brands saw a preference for two-dimensional design. The trend of modern and contemporary with flat gradients and simplified graphics is expected to continue.

The reason why flat branding, or flanding, appeals to brands, is due to the majority of consumer engagement now happening on screens of varying sizes. On a smaller a screen the finer details of a brand’s logo get lost or muddled. Flanding modernizes design and is optimal for digital.

However, with the advancement toward meta space, we expect to see more interactive and responsive logo designs 🚀.

Trend #3: flat branding

Trend #4

Trend tip #4 for the year ahead: Packaging designs to whisk you away ✈️

In the aftermath of the pandemic, designs that allow you to travel through packaging continue to be a trend. Using design to power storytelling, illustrations are the most effective to convey the cultures and locations of your dreams. Using cues of flora or fauna, unique shapes, or settings in a kaleidoscope of iconic color.

In the coming year, this trend is set to develop further with the use of technology. QR codes to connect to AI and 3D design are both coming up in a big way 🔥.

Trend #4: travel packaging

Trend #5

Trend tip #5 for 2022: Psychedelics on the horizon 🔮.

Over the last few years, there has been a softening of attitudes towards criminalized substances such as cannabis. Now, a new frontier in potential legalization and decriminalization is just around the corner—psychedelics. Based on the research into psychedelic therapy, pharmaceutical interest, and decriminalization underway, it’s clear that a legal market for plant medicines like psilocybin is coming soon. With that also comes questions of – how it will be branded and packaged or even how legal markets will work?

Some of the current branding and packaging in this grey area are sticking to the underground, “drugs” aesthetic, while other products have a full-fledged marketing mix. Although, the ethical and equitable mindset may ultimately be the most significant factor in how legally accessible psychedelics brands are designed. So watch this space 👀.

Trend #5: Psychedelics

Trend #6

2022 trend tip #6: Magical and dreamy ✨

It’s been a tough couple of years. So it is no surprise that people are seeking things to bring them joy. Stylistically, packaging design will have a bright, uplifting color palette, use gradients, and hints of foil or holographic elements. Meaning branding is pretty and bright.

This fantastical trend will be most commonly found in the beauty industry, as it makes consumers feel as beautiful as the packaging looks 💋

Trend #6: magical and dreamy

Trend #7

Trend tip #7 expected in 2022: Microbrands fill opportunities overlooked by larger brands 👀

It’s never been easier to launch a hyper-focused brand serving consumers with specific needs. Entrepreneurs, many driven by a personal passion, will take advantage of web services and 3rd party fulfillment, along with social media, to reach out and find their niche and thrive as a microbrand.

Opportunities in beauty, health, food, and cannabis abound, and entrepreneurs will continue to find overlooked consumers and specialize in serving them.

Identifying and serving underrepresented groups is a trend that will continue strong in 2022 💪🏼

Microbrand examples as trend for 2022

Trend #8

Trend tip #8: Celeb meal promotions are big 💥

Customized orders inspired by wildly famous will continue in QSRs everywhere – such as McDonald’s ‘get it their way’. Promotions also included unique sauces or ingredients, and some meals even featured special promotional packaging. And there is always merch.

The ‘famous order’ trend is also popping up in coffee chains, and other on-the-go food brands. And shows no sign of abating in 2022.

Trend tip #8 for 2022: celebrity meals

Trend #9

Trend tip #9 for the year ahead: The metaverse is here 💫

A handful of brands have incorporated virtual, augmented reality, the internet, connected devices and sensors, and In Real Life (IRL) data to create new venues and user experiences for years. From fitness-centered experiences to gaming solutions – the meta added new elements. Fashion brands wanted in too. With gaming characters dressed in their latest collection. 🎮

With the pandemic driving a move to online, things are about to step up.

Look no further than @Pantone selecting “Very Peri” for its 2022 Color of the Year. A custom-made hue selected for its future-forward underpinnings. @Adobe is also creating a metaverse where design can seemingly come to life, integrating VR into its Substance 3D modeling software.

But how do you design with reality in mind? 🤔

Brands that are inspired by the metaverse trend for 2022

Trend #10

Trend tip #10 in the coming year: Conscientious consumerism 💸

It’s no secret that consumers want to purchase sustainable products or support brands that align with their values. This is increasingly important to younger generations, especially Gen Z.

We are seeking more and more products that don’t come at a detrimental cost to the environment or the people in the manufacturing process. This trend was amplified with the pandemic, which allowed us to slow down a little but also resulted in supply chain issues. Meaning consumers looked for ways to buy better. Either in quality products that would last or ones that matched their values.

Brands in the fashion world, the beauty, and personal care industry are leading the way with this trend. But we expect to see the support of brands that are both sustainable, ethically made, and better for the planet across the board 🌎.

Buy better design trend for 2022

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