Advent calendar stunning design wins packaging award

Advent calendar redesign based on the shape of a Christmas tree

We love this advent calendar designed by @offsetdruckereischwarzach for its elegance 💚.

Putting a new twist onto the much-loved tradition, the calendar in the shape of a snow-covered tree is made entirely out of cardboard. There is a handle at the center, which, when pulled releases a chocolate ball from the opening. Another gorgeous attention to detail is the rotary knob above the handle that displays the date.

Amazing detailed filigree hot-foil motif, which is additionally embossed on the sides together with the structured handle provides an exciting visual and haptic effect against the dark green background of the tree 🎄.

The jury of the Deutsches Verpackungs Institut loved it too and has selected the calendar for an award in the functionality and convenience category for 2021 🌟

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